Who are we – The RO Foundation was founded in 2010 by Joseph C. Russo Jr. and Margaret R. Owen to assist patients and families with unexpected transportation expenses (Gas, Food, and Lodging).

Who is eligible – After exulting all Federal and State assistance and personal insurance eligibility, you may fill out an application of the RO Foundation for assistance. Those approved by your presiding doctor will only be accepted. We help with major illnesses, such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart, etc. and those that have emergency long term care that require appointments for treatment to specialist or treatment centers.

Where does the RO Foundation cover – We cover people and families with in a twenty mile radius of Dunkirk, New York.

How do you receive monies – After applying, you must be approved, then we will assist as needed for gas, food, lodging, as per applicant needs.

What about emergencies? – The RO Foundation understands emergencies happen and you might be stuck with no cash or gas. If you need assistance please contact Margaret Owen at 716-785-2164